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MAKING OF QUALITY CITIZENS With Job oriented schooling & Training

(11th + 12th (Only CBSE Board) with

Defence & Merchant Navy Preparation- Two Years Residential Program)

First Goal :- Good percentages in class XII

Second Goal :Selection in Defence (NDA or Other Defence Exams) OR Merchant Navy within six months after class 12th result

Ultimate Goal:- Making better human beings

Registration open for the Academic Year 2022-23

Only 10 Seats per state

Selection Procedure:- Written Test + Interview + Medical Examination An initiative which is completely based on RIMC pattern Under the Leadership of

Sandeep Gupta,

Submariner- Indian Navy (Retd.)

(Director, Doon Defence Academy, Dehradun with More than 31 years of experience of Defence Forces & Merchant Navy Entrance Exams)

& Mentorship of

Mrs Divya Aswal Gupta

(An Ex Senior RIMC faculty and Dy. Director of Doon Defence Academy- Dehradun)

DDA ( प्रथम पग ) specializes in mentoring Defence and Merchant Navy Aspirants into the coveted uniform.

प्रथम पग – First step aims at optimizing a class X passed Aspirant’s potential to join NDA or Merchant Navy through a structured and integrated curriculum running concurrently to enable admission into the NDA or Merchant Navy immediately on completion of class XII.

DDA’s exclusive education, motivational training and guidance will make the cadets capable of  not only doing service in the Indian Armed Forces/ Merchant Navy but also becoming quality citizens and through gentlemen.

Course Included

  • Schooling (11th & 12th)
  • Coaching of Defence + Merchant Navy
  • SSB-Interview Preparation
  • Physical Training
  • Sports & Games
  • Drill & Parade Training
  • Spoken English
  • Computer Knowledge
  • Online Test Series
  • Educational Trips
  • Picnic / Movies
  • Extra-curricular Activities
  • Quiz, Debate, Singing, Dancing, Playing Guitar & Casio participation in Cultural Programme, Guest Lecture, Social Work, PD Classes, Marathon
  • Weekly Unit Test
  • Science Practical


प्रथम पग – First Step (Foundation Course) prepares Cadets
for all Defence & Merchant Navy Exams which include NDA, Indian Navy (Tech), Indian Army (Tech), AirForce, Indian Navy, NCC & Merchant Navy (IMU-CET + Company Sponsorship exams) etc.

The Academic Training Programme will automatically prepare Cadets for above mentioned examinations which will include SSB-Interview preparation. However additional emphasis will be laid on subjects other than those in the selected stream of study. Tuitions for such subjects will be arranged. English and Mathematics, being important subjects from the competition point of view will be given special emphasis. General awareness and current affairs will be stressed throughout the training period so that cadets can score well in those subjects.

Exam techniques, Negative marking and Time Management in tackling the exam will be covered and cadets will be given adequate practice in answering sample papers.
Preparation for the SSB will include the following :-

  • Group Tasks
  • Group Discussions and Lecturettes
  • Personality Development Sessions
  • Interview Techniques
  • Individual and Group Obstacles
  • Psychological Tests
  • Intelligence Tests
  • Online Test series practice


Armed Forces are to perform the role of a saviour and hence compromising with the quality of its men would be ruinous. And it is for this purpose that the Armed Forces have adopted a very peculiar and scientific procedure for selecting men in its Officer Cadre. They realized that a man is not just the outcome of his heredity but also of his environment which work in close co-ordination and result into a unique behavioural pattern in him. The Armed Forces have realized the fact that success of any person depends upon his behavioural qualities and hence thorough scanning of qualities must be done before employing the candidate.

These qualities are referred to as the Officer Like Qualities or in short the OLQs. As of now a list of 15 OLQs has been designed of which a few of the qualities are trainable and the rest, non-trainable. SSB is not about one’s academic achievements it is all about how one projects oneself. The intelligence associated only with academic ability and academic achievement is of no use at all in the practical situations. Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence and Effective Intelligence are things that come into play there. Emotional Intelligence helps a person to respond effectively in unfavourable situations like difficulties coming one’s way, failures in one’s life and rejections and disapproval faced by one.

Social Intelligence makes a person interact with others according to the norms and situational requirements. A wrong decision may lead to chaos and discord. Hence, Social Intelligence helps in Social Adjustment. Effective Intelligence comes into play while facing practical situations of varying complexity. In practical life, solutions are either created or improvised. An intelligent person takes a total view of the situation and acts accordingly. It is a myth that the Armed Force do not need an intelligent lot. But the difference lies in their definition of Intelligence.

The 15 OLQs judged while selecting an officer in the Indian Armed Forces are as follows :-

  1. Effective Intelligence
  2. Reasoning Ability
  3. Organizing Ability
  4. Power of Expression
  5. Social Adaptability
  6. Co-operation
  7. Sense of Responsibility
  8. Initiative
  9. Self Confidence
  10. Speed of Decision
  11. Ability to Influence the Group
  12. Liveliness
  13. Determination
  14. Courage
  15. Stamina

Sports : Sports in DDA is a Passion; An inalienable Part of life.

Excellence in various games and sports is the hallmark of DDA.

A vibrant sports curriculum aided by professional coaches has enabled the Cadets to compete at State and National levels.

Cadets of DDA have earned laurels in cricket, soccer, Athletics, volleyball, Basketball, cross country etc. at state and National levels.

The spirit of adventure, born out of a daring resolve to reach the edge of possibility, helps us face new challenges, seize new opportunities, test resources against the unknown and discover ourselves in process.

Cadets of DDA are exposed to numerous adventure activities which include Mountaineering, Trekking, Rock, Climbing, Whiteeater Rafting, Swimming and Camp fire.

An exposure to the varied terrains and working conditions of the Indian Armed forces, visit to various establishments helps one to know one’s true potential and break the barriers of limitations.

The hobby clubs strongly adhere to what Plato reminded us long ago, “Make Colour and Light, Harmony and Rhythm a part of Education, and they will make their way into the secret place of the soul.”

Hobby clubs at DDA ensure all-round personality development under proactive and disciplined leadership.

Cadets pursue their favourite Hobbies on Saturdays. Those with a flair for writing subscribe to Journalism club while cadets with an artistic bent of mind choose ‘Art and Craft’ club. Cadets also join the nature club to explore the rich and diverse flora and fauna of the campus and that of the Doon Valley through carefully orchestrated walks and visits.

The photography enthusiasts understand the nuances of f-stops, exposure, developing and composure in the photography hobby. The Dance, Drama and Singing club caters for the ones who show an inclination towards performing arts.

The cadets are also given a rudimentary exposure to IT and Cyber through a Computer club. DDA  is pleased to mention its Quizzing club that has placed many a budding quizzer on the top of the club as our crowning glory for its has  quizzers winning at State and National levels.

In DDA, the mission of Services Training is to provide basic knowledge to CADETS about the Armed Forces and Merchant Navy.

Services Training at DDA gives to the youngsters motivation, and complete picture of what Indian Armed Forces & Merchant Navy are all about. It not only helps them to make up their minds as to why and how to join but also gives them immense confidence, leadership qualities, a desire of self-improvement and the drive to excel in every sphere. It incorporates a culture of Jointmanship, while emphasizing on overall personality development. Two and a half year at DDA will instill bonding and feeling of oneness, a sense of self-discipline, honor, integrity, camaraderie and esprit-de corps. In the cadets a sense of intense belonging with the alma-mater. Breaking bread, the spirit of camaraderie which the bedrock of co-operation in time to come.

In a nut shell – बच्चों को यह मालूम चल जाता है कि उन्हें Indian Armed Forces अथवा Merchant Navy में कैसे जाना है और वहां उनसे क्या-क्या उम्मीदें की जायेगी और इसकी जानकारी उन्हें DDA में अभी से ही मिल जायेगी।

Nestled between the Shiwaliks and the middle Himalayan Ranges, the Sandeep Sir’s Doon Defence Academy is the pride of the Sylvan Doon Valley.

  • Administration Block
  • Academic Block

Training imparted at the “Sandeep Sir’s Doon Defence Academy” transforms the selected young boys into men of substance and capable leaders.

Proficient skills, indomitable will and steely resolve,  boldness, virtues and an urge for the best all define a DDA Diamond.



  Fold your beds

  05 : 30 AM


  06 : 20 AM

  PT / Drill

  06 : 30 to 07 : 30 AM


  07 : 30 to 08 : 15 AM

  Academics (School)   08 : 30 to 01 : 30 PM
  Lunch   01 : 30 to 02 : 30 PM
  Rest   02 : 30 to 03 : 30 PM
  Evening Snacks   03 : 30 to 04 : 00 PM
  Sports / Games   04 : 00 to 05 : 30 PM
  Academics (NDA)   05 : 30 to 08 : 00 PM
  Dinner   08 : 00 to 09 : 00 PM
  Self-Studies / Doubt Classes   09 : 00 to 10 : 00 PM
  Light Off   10 : 00 PM


(Exact timings may vary depending upon the weather and season. When exams are in progress, more time will be given to studies)

Eligibility Criteria: –

  • Candidate should be citizen of India & should fulfill all criteria of National Defence Academy (NDA) or Indian Maritime University (IMU).
  • Age should not be more than 15 years. Eligibility criteria will be published in the admission notification in detail.
  • Medically fit as per NDA requirements
  • Willing to stay in campus (As it is a compulsory Residential Program)

Educational Qualification: –

Candidates who are appearing or have appeared for class X (CBSE Board) exams with subjects Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Mathematics and English and have secured at least 60 % marks in class VIII & IX.

Medical Standards

Candidates are advised to rectify minor defects / ailments in order to speed up the medical examination coming up in the future.

The under mentioned ailments are considered, minor ailments:- Wax (Ears), Deviated Nasal Septum (DNS), Hydrocele / Phimosis, Overweight / underweight, under sized chest, piles, Gynaeomastia, Tonsillities, Variicocele.

The candidate must be in good physical and mental health and free from any disease / disability which is likely to interfere with the efficient performance of military or Merchant Navy duties.

The candidate should be physically fit as per the requirements of NDA. He should not be underweight or obese.

There should be no evidence of weak constitution or bodily defects. The candidate should not be overweight, obese or underweight.

The entrance procedure comprises the following steps:-

Advertisement inviting application from the candidates will be published in leading newspapers / DDA’s website and all its social media platforms in Oct / Nov / Dec.

  • Entrance test will be held in Nov / Dec / Jan / Feb slot wise.
  • Merit list will be prepared on the basis of the performance of the candidates in the entrance test.
  • Candidates who do well in written offline / online test will have to undergo an Interview within 15 days of the written test.
  • Final merit list will be prepared and call letters issued to selected candidates within 10 days of interview.
  • Selected candidates will be required to join the Academy in April. (Exact Date will be mentioned in joining letter.

Written Test (Offline/Online)

The written test will be conducted either offline or online depending on the circumstances and situation. The test will consist of four subjects, viz English, Mathematics, Science and General studies, based on IX-X (NCERT) Pattern. The questions will be of objective type and in English language only.


Candidates who qualify written test, will have to appear for Interview either in the Academy or on Zoom cloud meetings.

The interviews will be conducted by a team of trained retired Defence & Merchant Navy officers along with a Psychologist.

The interview will comprise a few elementary tests of intelligence and aptitude. The aim of interview is to assess the candidate’s level of motivation, intelligence, aptitude, confidence, personality and expression and communication skills.

Note:- The Academy will not provide any accommodation for appearing in the written test / Interview.

Candidates will not be eligible for any TA for appearing in the Interview/Written Test.

KINDLY PAY ATTENTION:-   Honesty and Integrity will be of utmost importance. Please do not try to influence the selection procedure in anyway. A very close watch will be kept on any aberration and any candidate found guilty is liable to be expelled. Also if any member of the staff tries to contact you with a promise to influence the selection procedure, bring it to the notice of the interview board so that a disciplinary action can be taken with immediate effect.

DDA’s – प्रथम पग First Step will conduct its online or offline written entrance exam on various dates.

The exam syllabus is as per the attached table







  Science (Physics,

  Chemistry &



  General Studies

  (History, Civics,

  Geography, GK &

  Current Affairs and



  TOTAL 100


  • The entrance exam will be conducted “ONLINE” or “OFFLINE”
  • The 100 marks written test is based on IX – X (CBSE / NCERT Based) syllabus on MCQ pattern and each question will carry 1 mark (No negative marking)
  • Minimum Qualifying marks is 50%
  • Written Test Qualified candidates will be called for Interview (Personal or Virtual)

The aim of rules and regulations which have been framed by the DDA’s authorities is to ensure that the academics and other training routines are conducted smoothly and the discipline, safety and security of the cadets are maintained. These rules can be revised from time to time. We invite full cooperation of the parents for their implementation. The Rules and Regulations are : –

  • Cadets are not allowed to carry clothing other than that approved in the list (specified in the prospectus)
  • Cadets are not allowed to carry extra money other than some pocket money, electronic gadgets etc.
  • Colouring of hair, use of hair gel, carrying weird hairstyle, ear piercing and tattoo on the body wearing gold chain or any other ornament which is not related to religion is strictly prohibited.
  • Military Haircut is compulsory during training period.
  • All the belongings of the cadets must be marked in indelible ink showing the cadet’s number and name.
  • Parents / Guardians of the cadets are not permitted to give eatables, to their wards.
  • Reasonable precautions are taken during the training to avoid injuries and accidents. The school authorities however, shall not be responsible for any accident / mishap outside school. Premises Parents / Guardians shall be responsible for medical expenses.
  • Leaving School Campus without any valid reason or without taking permission shall be treated as INDISCIPLINE and will be viewed seriously. In such cases the school authorities shall not be responsible for safety and security of the cadet once he leaves the campus. The moment his absence is noticed a police report will be filed. We request Parents / Guardians to brief their wards clearly in this regard.
  • The school authorities reserve the right to amend any of the rules in the prospectus and revive them without any prior notice.
  • Cadets joining school for the first time or reporting after vacations are expected to take proper (Army type) haircut before entering the campus. Cadets without proper haircut will not be permitted to join.
  • All legal disputes are subject to jurisdiction of Dehradun Court.
  • It is presumed that Parents / Guardians have read and familiarized themselves with the Rules and Regulations in the prospectus.

NOTE: – Parents must inform about their latest address (residential) Telephone / Mobile number and email ID to enable the school authorities to establish immediate contact in case of emergency.


  DDA’S T-Shirts


   DDA’S Shorts


  Formal Dress


 02 (Pair)

  DDA’S Tie


  DDA’S Cap


  DDA’S Bag


  DDA’S Scarf


  DDA’S Blazer


  Sports Shoes

  (Fine Quality)

  01 (Blue)

  Leather Shoes

  01 (Black)

  Name Plate



(Same as Summer in addition to that)

 * DDA’S Hood
  * DDA’S Woollen Cap with Logo

प्रथम पग – First Step (Foundation Course)


CLASS 11TH : – RS. 3,30,000/- (To be paid in two installments)

CLASS 12TH : – RS. 3,30,000/- (To be paid in two installments)


  1. Boarding
  2. Lodging
  3. Schooling, Books, Uniform, Exam Fee, Practical, Educational Trips, Sports-Games, Picnic, School Fees etc.
  4. Defence + Merchant Navy Preparation : – Books, Uniform, NDA-IMA Visit, Spoken English, SSB-Interview, PD Classes, Physical Training, Computer Lab, GST, Extra-Curricular Activities


  • 12th Months exclusive coaching for All Defence & Merchant Navy exam after Class 12th Board Exams.
  • During this training students has to pay only Hostel Fee, Rest everything will be Free of Cost.

FEE CONCESSION : DDA is giving Rs. 30,000/- fee concession in each year to the following categories :

  1. Sons of Defence Personnel
  2. Sons of Ex-Serviceman
  3. Sons of Paramilitary Force Personnel
  4. Sons of Police Personnel
  5. Those whose father has expired
  6. Sons of “TEAM DDA”


Documents to be carried by the candidates while joining:-

  • Risk certificate on a non-judicial stamp paper
  • Class XII / X certificate in original
  • Domicile certificate
  • Transfer Certificate of class IX in original
  • Aadhaar card
  • प्रथम पग – Entrance Test Results
  • 20 Coloured Passport size photographs
  • accination certificate – administered both the doses
  • Medical fitness certificate
  • Eye sight certificate

Vaccinations: – Please ensure that your ward is properly vaccinated before his admission in the school. Doctor’s Certificate indicating the date of administering the vaccines must be submitted in the school, without which the cadet will not be permitted to join the school. Candidate should undergo basic medical examination including an eye checkup.


  • Smart Phones
  • Laptop / I Pad etc.
  • Cameras
  • Possession or consumption Cigarettes, Alcohol or any unauthorized Drug
  • Extra Money (Except from Pocket Money)
  • Any ornament including Gold Chain, Ring, Bracelet etc.
  • Valuables other than those mentioned
  • Knief, Weapon or any similar object


It gives me immense pride and pleasure to write as the commandant of the prestigious Sandeep Sir’s Doon Defence Academy – Dehradun. I salute Indian Navy and the management team of yesteryears for dedicated efforts in grooming this institution to its premium status of today.

The focal point of any educational institute is the student. The responsibility of “Training’’ which encompasses, educational, moral, cultural and behavioural development solely rests on the staff of the institution. Thus, we who have chosen to be a part of the faculty, have to synergize our efforts towards achieving the goal.

In the contemporary era, while academic excellence is of foremost importance, the development of soft skills and personality has gained equal status.

The youth of today is faced with multiple challenges. They have to be over their peers so as the enable them to carve a niche for themselves the task of today’s Teacher is thus daunting.

As Armed Forces and Merchant Navy predatory school, we have to maintain the spirit discipline determination and dedication skills in among the students as Indian Armed Forces are considered one of the best in the world.

We thus have no option but to raise the bar of students of excellence in the field of schooling as well as Defence & Merchant Navy Entrance Test Preparation.

We are not only answerable to the great visionary Sandeep Sir, who gave us this institution but also to the nation who demands our services in the making of quality citizens.

The beauty of an academic institute is that no matter how much effort you put in there is always a scope to do more.

Also it is a field where everything is transitional and one can never rest on one’s achievements. I am sanguine that “TEAM DDA” of which cadet are an integral part is well equipped and well poised to achieved the goals unmindful of challenges that may come in our way a path on which, I invite all our parents and well-wisher to join.

Last but not least –

“Power of knowledge and knowledge of power”

As an institution which strives to inculcates the spirit of country first . We aim to provide to our nation a generation of responsible, empowered and intellectual quality citizen who will make significant contribution in her journey to become a global leader of tomorrow.

Jai Hind

We sincerely thank you for showing interest in seeking admission for your son into this “one of its kind” National institute that has produced leaders for the nation. We hope that this brief overview of the college has unfolded an insight into our way of life at DDA that embodies a complete education of the mind, body and spirit.

For Admission form and further details, please refer to the papers in the inside back cover.






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