Our experience and expertise in the field of SSB training since 2005 helped candidates who have been screened at the SSB.

When a candidate comes to DDA for training, he gets a complete experience of SSB and learns how to work with other candidates from all over the country.

A candidate learns what is expected of him from the moment he steps into the SSB center.

Learn from the Masters

Having an unbeatable record for over 8500 selections, we can safely say that we are the experts and leaders in the field of SSB Interview training since 2005. The Unmatched faculty at DDA consists of senior and experienced faculty members.

Identifying and rectifying weakness of the Students

More than 85% of the candidates, who comes to us suffer from lack of self-confidence problems which includes one kind of fear or another like stage fright, public speaking, social anxiety, physical Testing, complexes about appearance etc.

We at DDA trained a candidate both physically and mentally for the 5 days grueling testing at the SSB. Time management and self-discipline are inculcated into the candidates. The SSB is a through and unique screening and selection system for candidates for the armed forces and it involves many complex and uncommon tests that may be baffling to a candidate without proper training. Physical aspects of testing can also be challenging for some, proper training is required with proper infrastructure like open grounds, an obstacle course for practice.

Desired Officer Like Quality:

An often repeated question asked by most aspirants, in-fact everyone on the civil street it, “How the Armed Forces selects its OFFICERS”. This was not an openly known procedure till the early 90s. However, post liberalization from which even the Forces could not remain aloof, perhaps this last bastion too has fallen, and something are now known. Yet, what attributes are required, can only be told by someone who has been through this tough selection process, or by those who themselves select candidates since every officer has to do through this grind, he’s equally qualified to brief any aspirant, hence he should be your first guide. The procedure is same for all three Forces, less the IAF, which has an additional test the PABT, (also applicable for flying branches of IN and IA).

Selection in SSBs is every candidates desired goal, but then you cannot get up one fine morning and say that you will appear for the SSB to perform well, you have to prepare meticulously, well in advance. Ideally SSBs give 6 to 12 weeks notice to candidates, and this much time is adequate to prepare well. You are lucky to be competing in the world of Internet since in our times, we did not even have any book or coaching institute of SSB preparation, but then that’s an advantage available to all. However, remember no coaching or guide book can teach you to be successful, unless “You do not have it in You” , i.e., the will and desire to do well in life and achieved something worthwhile.

Starting Early

Your preparation, thus, starts the day you appear for the written exam as this advance preparation puts you ahead of the race, since most candidates wake up only after receiving the call letter, which leaves only enough time to brush up, if you are starting from scratch. Since well begun is half done, get hold of a good book, like you have in your hands right now and go through each page meticulously, taking notes along the way, identifying strong/ weak areas, where you need to focus more, or where you can just glance through.

Focus Areas

In my opinion, most candidates have no clues about the GTO Series of tests, plus they are also weak in CA/ GK and are unable to express themselves, due to lack of communication skills. Week after week, in my classes at the institutions where I have taught, mostly within service (sometimes in Civil Coaching Academies/ open Forums, Schools and Colleges and other Career Development Programmes), this question has followed me how to prepare and succeed in SSB Board/ Interviews. The answer is simple, first understand the requirement, then strive to work hard, master it either yourself or with external help of a Book/ Academy/ Coaching Institute.